Federal Poker and Gambling Legislation Stall Could Be Indefinite

Federal Poker and Gambling Legislation Stall Could Be Indefinite

Federal US poker legislation seems to have stalled; will it ever be able to get away from neutral?

After a couple of months of watching the Obamacare debacle unfold in the U.S., a valid argument could oftimes be made that the less things the Feds oversee, the better. And for those who’ve been waiting and watching for the government that is federal make some definitive moves regarding unilateral poker legislation, if you have been holding your breath, now could be an excellent time to exhale.

Factions Means Inaction

At the core with this inaction like most things in American politics certainly are a number of factions so all over the map that it might be difficult to ever get consensus that could be acceptable to all fifty states. Clearly, states like Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware where not only land, but gambling that is now online already been legalized within those states’ boundaries have vastly different outlooks on gambling than states like Utah, where simply no gambling whatsoever is legal. And also as online gambling has proved to nearly be an ‘add on’ to the kind that is brick-and-mortar a regulatory status, maybe it’s a complex web to create regulatory bodies in states that have little or no experience with also the land casino industry.

Just look at Massachusetts to observe how a neophyte gaming commission can trip over its very own foot in an attempt to become a tad over-zealous, and that is ju Read More

With Casino Profits Sky High, Macau Nevertheless Wants to Be Similar To Vegas

With Casino Profits Sky High, Macau Nevertheless Wants to Be Similar To Vegas

With gaming revenues that dazzle, Macau still would like to emulate the Las Vegas model more

For decades, ‘Las Vegas’ has been synonymous with ‘gambling mecca’ the sine qua non associated with casino industry, the benchmark for how other gaming destinations desired to mirror themselves. However in just a few years, Macau the Chinese Special Administrative District which has kept every other casino destination in the dust, including las vegas has set a new standard in that regard, and 2013 looks to top the bar even greater yet.

Las Vegas Masters profits that are non-Gaming

While Las Vegas may nevertheless have lock on non-gaming profits with the globe’s most lucrative nightclubs, insanely high-end shopping and premium restaurants Macau is now the hands-down champion within the pure gaming income department, worldwide. And as 2013 draws to a near-close, Macau’s gaming numbers turn to once again catapult above not just all rivals including Las Vegas, but also above its own previous year’s economic influx.

In fact, by simply the end of November, 2012’s numbers are already being kept in the dust. With November’s $3.8 billion intake that is gross the Chinese enclave, put into what Macau gamblers introduced for the 10 months prior, the gaming destination is at $40.9 billion for year-to-date, versus 2012’s $38 billion, according to the Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau’s recently released Read More

A Month Later, Silk Path Returns; Is Bitcoin during sex with Criminals?

A Month Later, Silk Path Returns; Is Bitcoin during sex with Criminals?

A normal sales web page through the Silk that is original Road now rebuilt; the site sells illegal drugs, tools, and more.

Just one month after the FBI seized and shut straight down Silk Road the online world website understood as the Amazon.com of drugs, weapons and worse it is back. Yup, into the annals of unlawful history, this one has to be up there in the chutzpah department; it’s just like the abilities behind your website are totally thumbing their collective noses at U.S. federal authorities.

Are Bitcoins and Silk Road Founders Aligned?

Also more shocking, new allegations connect Silk Road’s founder Ross William Ulbricht aka Dread Pirate Roberts until his FBI takedown final month to your still publicly unidentified original creator of Bitcoins, the digital currency solely used to fund illegal items and services on the old and site that is now new.

The allegations found light after two Israeli researchers one a cryptographer readied a soon-to-be-published paper that claims that the FBI seizure in fact just got their hands on approximately 22 percent of the $80 million in commissions Ulbricht’s web site had garnered from sales of an estimated $1.2 billion; sales on everything including assault weapons to illegal narcotics of any kind and even for hit men services for hire.

Dorit Ron and Adi Shamir would be the two researchers who’ve brought these allegations to light, incorporating they themsel Read More

Gallery Heir Hillel Nahmad Guilty in Russian Mob Gambling Ring Saga

Gallery Heir Hillel Nahmad Guilty in Russian Mob Gambling Ring Saga

Hillel Nahmad, left, poses together with his daddy during happier times in front of a Picasso on display at a NYC gallery showing (Image source: Arnaldo Magnani/Getty Images)

Playing poker well may be more of a art when compared to a science, but for one young person in an influential household in the art community, it ended up that gambling wasn’t a terrific way to expand the household business.

Hillel Nahmad ( also known as Helly) pleaded guilty to a gambling that is federal associated to the sweeping indictments earlier this year that brought down a gambling ring, one which included reputed Russian mafia members.

Show the Feds the Money

The plea bargain kept Nahmad from facing some of the most severe charges, but nevertheless needed him to forfeit assets that are significant. Originally, Nahmad had been charged with racketeering, gambling, money laundering, conspiracy, and some other crimes all of which were related to his role that is purported as of the leaders of the gambling band.

The band itself had been no business. According to officials, the New network that is york-based in $100 million in bets, arranging secretive high stakes poker games and taking recreations bets in the hundreds of thousands from celebrities and Wall Street billionaires.

In court, Nahmad noted that he had been conscious that business he had started had turned into a major enterprise one that had been extremely illegal.

‘Judge, Read More

Ex-Con Taken to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

Ex-Con Taken to Light as Wynn Everett Gets Gaming Commission Review

These Massachusetts Minutemen of the Revolution didn’t face a tougher battle than Wynn’s Everett Casino seems to up against the Gaming Commission

Maybe they should create A tv soap opera called ‘As Massachusetts’ Casinos Get Overturned’; the drama never seems to stay in this East Coast state that is struggling to implement legalized land gaming, and obstacles that are facing every turn, it appears.

Was an Ex-Con Involved?

The latest episode has got the now infamously persnickety Massachusetts Gaming Commission with a Dec.16 suitability hearing on the dockets for the new possible Wynn Everett resort, while…wait because of it…a federal grand jury and two state agencies are now reportedly looking at whether a Wynn land deal for the same project involved a covert felon who allegedly had secret ownership in the former Monsanto chemical plant site being useful for the casino project.

Term is the fact that a former jailbird who did time for both identity theft for their participation in A new York band and for assault with a dangerous gun could be a ‘secret investor’ in Wynn Everett and may benefit financially if the project achieves Gaming Commission approval. We can simply hear the pillory stockades being lined up now. Stated ex-con is A charles that is certain Lightbody.

In this never-ending dance to avoid the hot coals regarding the Mass. Commission’s investigatory process, Wynn Resorts h Read More