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Page 1 of 2Kiedy accidentally found a way and pulled first podcasts of lectures IDS 110 “Introduction to Computers” Azevido led by America, I did not think that so far dull car journeys will become an intellectual adventure, nor that opens in front of me to the world of knowledge now available for those who can afford to study in the United States at prestigious universities. I did not know then also that the service at the University of Berkeley is only the tip of the iceberg, and iTunes U podcasts find in the form of one thousand hours of lectures from more than forty American universities, including such prestigious as Yale, Stanford and MIT. Persons who are still in the memory sleepy lectures on their own campuses, it may seem that there is nothing more boring than listening to a guy a talking to students (in any subject), but I happened to have no time to sit in a parked car just dosłuchać to the end, and lectures on journalism at Stanford increasingly forcing me to ensure that the dressing to see if I’m wearing something in his pocket you can insert your iPod. American universities have taken in earnest to realize the concept of democratization of education and abandoned rather thankless role of guardians of knowledge, starting from the premise that information itself – in a world flooded with information – this is not all. What matters is still a college degree, contact with teaching staff and, finally, problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork Read More