Migrating VM Disk to a different container on ahv

Migrating VM Disk to a different container on ahv

Solutions, as soon as we have to go a vm disk to a container that is different exactly the same AHV Cluster.

For e.g. : we might wish to go this VM Disk for a container with De-Dupliction Disabled. To relocate a machine’s that is virtual to some other container on a single AHV group, after actions are required:

Needs for the Move:

  • Source Container ID (where in actuality the vmdisk is based initially)
  • Destination Container ID (our target container in the cluster that is same
  • VM Disk(s) UUID (UUID of each and every disk we must go “acli vm.get ”)
  • Power-off the VM

Overview of procedures:

  • Determine the vmdisk_uuid of each and every digital disk on the VM.
  • ensure the VM which is why the VMdisk we’re migrating is driven down.
  • Make use of the Acropolis Image provider to clone the supply virtual s that are disk( into Image(s) regarding the target container. Read More