Nevada Approves 888 On The Web Poker Pool-Sharing Network

Nevada Approves 888 On The Web Poker Pool-Sharing Network

888’s new networking system could be the blueprint for the very first regulated and liquidity-sharing that is legal in America for on-line poker players. (Image:

The prospect of interstate online poker player pool-sharing into the US has moved one action closer, after the news that the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) has, on major, approved a multi-operator player-sharing system in the state. The Board heard that this new system, created by 888 Holdings, would link the online poker web sites of multiple gambling enterprises in Nevada, thus increasing player liquidity.

The new network would initially consist of 888’s partner and market frontrunner in Nevada,, in addition to a new Treasure Island on-line poker room, which will be currently looking for regulatory approval prior to introduce, and a 3rd separate 888 poker room. The home would be open for other operators to participate as time goes on. The Board said it might make an official decision on the matter this week.

It’s a step that is real for Nevada, which has struggled to ultimately achieve the amounts of liquidity and revenue that had been hoped for previous to legislation. While figures for the State of Nevada have naturally enjoyed a boost during the World Series of Poker, they’re still lagging well behind nj-new jersey; the NGCB reported a growth in online poker revenue in May over the previous month, to 8.84 per Read More

5 Million Japanese Gambling Addicts, Research Claims

5 Million Japanese Gambling Addicts, Research Claims

A well known pachinko that is japanese: Pachinko is a pinball / slot hybrid gambling game unique to Japan. (Image:

We might not think of Japanese gambling addicts as soon as we think associated with the mostly formal, extremely polite island nation, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. Has Japan got a gambling problem?

A new study may give lawmakers pause for thought as the country prepares to open up itself up to legalized and regulated casino gambling. Some 5.36 million individuals in Japan, or 4.8 percent of the adult population, may be problem or pathological gamblers, claims a study commissioned by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and that’s significantly more than any other developed country.

The Kurihama health and Addiction Center quizzed 7,000 arbitrarily opted for grownups about regard to popular Japanese betting pastimes to their gambling habits, such as horse racing, online casinos, Pachinko, slots and boat racing. They were asked concerns such as for instance whether they had ever lent money for gambling, or whether gambling had ever triggered disruptions inside their household life.

Of the 7,000 respondents, 4,153 gave valid responses from which scientists were able to extrapolate that 8.7 percent of guys and 1.8 per cent of females in Japan is being addicted to gambling.

The amount of gambling addiction in its population than most developed economies, where the a Read More

Chauffer Suspect in Murder of Taiwanese Mogul Shih Chia-chin

Chauffer Suspect in Murder of Taiwanese Mogul Shih Chia-chin

Hsieh Yuan-hsin is the suspect that is main the kidnapping and murder of Shih Chia-chin. (Image: Taiwan police)

Taiwanese online gambling ringleader Shih Chia-chin may not be a home title in the online world community that is betting but he was infamous in his home country for the wealth he received by running his sites. Now, his murder and kidnapping have actually shocked the island country. Shih’s human anatomy was found evening in Tainan County by police sunday. He was allegedly murdered after being kidnapped by his chauffeur and others that are several August 18.

Chauffeur Abducted Shih at Airport

On that day, Shih was acquired at the airport that is taoyuan Taiwan by his chauffeur, Hsieh Yuan-hsin. Just three hours later on, the accountant at Shih’s company received a telephone call saying that Shih had been demanding and kidnapped a ransom of TW$50 million ($1.67 million). Shih’s family attempted to negotiate with the kidnappers, eventually agreeing to wire TW$30 million ($1 million) to three bank that is separate.

When the family still did not hear from Shih, they contacted the authorities for assistance later that day. Hsieh apparently made an attempt to withdraw the transferred ransom quickly thereafter, but fled when he had been asked to provide identification at the bank.

Hsieh Flees to Thailand

Despite efforts from prosecutors whom issued a warrant to bar him from leaving the nation, Hsieh managed to b Read More

Macau Casino Workers Want Better Pay. Macau workers are demanding better pay

Macau Casino Workers Want Better Pay. Macau workers are demanding better pay from the gambling enclave’s casino operators.

Macau casinos are consuming money hand over fist. Although the rate of development is slowly, revenues continue steadily to rise in the gambling that is chinese, which takes in about seven times as much in casino winnings as Las Vegas each 12 months. This suggests that there should be money that is enough go around for everyone in the industry, but casino workers say that the wealth isn’t finding its means into their pouches.

Employees at Galaxy Macau planned a protest week that is last the resort in response up to a local trade union’s allegations that salaries at the resort had been ‘disrespectful’ with a workers. That follows protests an earlier at the venetian, which is owned by the las vegas sands week.

‘For both Galaxy and Sands we aren’t ruling down a hit,’ said Ieong Man Teng, president of a local labor group referred to as Forefront of Macao Gaming. Local media reports have suggested that August 28, which may be the Venetian’s anniversary, might be an attack.

Foreign Workers Barred From Numerous Jobs

In Macau, casino workers have a fair amount of leverage thanks to labor regulations that do not enable foreigners to work at casino tables. That has created an environment where locals enjoy a jobless price of just 1.7 %, and in which casinos must offer wages that are competitive purchase to retain their staff. That leverage is only likely to Read More

UK Players Banned from Betting on Open Championship Golf

UK Players Banned from Betting on Open Championship Golf

Lee Travino, who bet on himself to win the 1971 Open Championship at 14-1 and blew away the field. (Image:

The world’s best golfers are up in arms this at the Open Championship in the UK, where they have been asked to sign a waiver to declare that they will not place bets on the outcome of the championship week. Betting is something of a tradition for many players at the Open, because, of course, sports betting is totally legal and easily available in Britain. At the 1971 Open, Lee Travino famously bet £100 ($171) on himself at 14-1, which helped him to almost triple his award money when he blew away the field.

However, for the very first time at the Open, the R&A, the governing human anatomy associated with the game outside the US, has officially warned players that such behavior is now off-limits, despite the fact so it claims the rules will be in destination since 2011. It was news to some. One player, who wished to remain nameless, told ESPN he was handed the waiver, while his caddy expressed his delight that the ban did not extend to caddies that he was ‘shocked’ when.

We sense way around the rules with that one.

’30 Guys in Violation’

Pro golfer Graeme McDowell gave a more measured and professional response, however, stating: ‘It’s really no different than just what we curently have in the European Tour and PGA Tour, so that it does not change such a thing.

‘seriously we love to Read More