Massachusetts Casino Repeal Question Approved by Court

Massachusetts Casino Repeal Question Approved by Court

Massachusetts State Attorney General Martha Coakley opposed the repeal question, but says she welcomes allowing the voters to truly have a voice in the issue. (Image: Boston World)

In Massachusetts, casino companies have faced a number of battles in order to build resorts in the state. There have been town-by-town campaigns to win over local communities, plus in the way it is of the higher Boston area, a competition that is fierce only one license. Now, operators will need one more challenge ahead of those before they can sleep effortless: a statewide repeal vote that could end casino gambling in Massachusetts before it starts.

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruled Tuesday that voters will be able to see the casino law repeal question for a November ballot, possibly rolling straight back a 2011 law that legalized casinos into the state. That move leaves potential casino operators in an awkward position, whether they can actually do anything with them as they may receive licenses, but not know until later this year.

Unanimous Decision Sets Matter on Ballot

The court reached their decision unanimously, pointing out that supporters of the repeal had succeeded in gathering more than enough signatures to put the relevant question on the ballot. The effort have been opposed by Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, now a Democratic candidate for governor, who rejected the question a year ago it could violate Read More

Oneidas and Cayugas Pass the Peace Pipe Over Casinos in New York State

Oneidas and Cayugas Pass the Peace Pipe Over Casinos in New York State

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo puts their John Hancock for a settlement deal between your state and several Indian casino factions (Image: RoundHouseTalkNews)

Seems like the New York State Indian tribes are smoking the peace pipe; the Oneida Indian Nation has said in court that it will perhaps not block a casino project by lightning link slot play online the competing Cayuga country, despite the technicality that it would fall within the geographic parameters of the Oneida’s casino monopoly into the area. With that move, a peaceful settlement to longstanding factional fighting could finally be reality, which would in turn net several New York State counties their share of millions from the Oneida’s existing Turning rock Casino near Niagara Falls.

Long Battle Finally Closing

It could also see funds agreement that was finalized Spring that is last by York State Governor Andrew Cuomo along side the Oneida Nation therefore the affected nyc counties finally come to fruition. a battle that is decades-long land liberties and tax concessions had created bitter battle lines between all involved before the recent settlement; now the Oneidas will get exclusive rights to build gambling enterprises in 10 nyc counties, including Cayuga County, as a swap for turning over 25 percent of their slot revenues each 12 months to the state coffers.

At problem with that deal from the Cayuga standpoint was that within those 10 counties stood Cayuga Count Read More

INTERPOL Swoops Down in Illegal Gambling Crackdown

INTERPOL Swoops Down in Illegal Gambling Crackdown

INTERPOL chief Jean Michelle Louboutin says massive earnings lay behind the cross-continental gambling crackdown that is illegal.

INTERPOL has announced the arrests of 1,400 people across East Asia; the outcome of the six-week campaign to split up illegal gambling systems in your community. The operation, code-named Operation SOGA V, was a joint work between police from China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, and coordinated by INTERPOL, and saw the seizure of almost $12 million.

Prohibited gambling is rife in East Asia, and bets placed through the wagering syndicates, which are generally controlled by organized crime, dwarf the European that is legal and American gambling markets many times over. That it could be around $450 billion because it is clandestine and unregulated, it’s difficult to place a figure in how much the market is actually worth, but Foreign Policy magazine recently estimated.

It’s also believed that $140 billion in dirty money is laundered through the marketplace each year. INTERPOL said this week that the organizations broken up within the latest raid were estimated to have handled around $2.2 billion worth of bets, most of those through unlawful online gambling sites.

‘ The results with this latest procedure SOGA are significant in terms of the amount of bets being handled by these illegal gambling dens, as well as the number of arrests,’ stated Jean-Michel Louboutin, INTERPOL’s exe Read More

World Cup 2014 Circus: Suarez Loses 888, While Neymar Briefs

World Cup 2014 Circus: Suarez Loses 888, While Neymar Briefs

The Heard that is bite Round World cost Luis Suarez his World Cup and his 888poker sponsorship this week, but 888 may need certainly to thank the toothy Uruguayan in the end. (Image:

It’s all over but the shouting: as we reported previously this week, the Bite That Rocked the World Cup, aka Luis Suarez loses his mind, now has 888poker ties that are officially cutting the Uruguayan striker. After a four-month playing ban by FIFA that efficiently comes to an end his World Cup play, Suarez must now face the sobering reality than he could chew this time, career-wise that he bit off more.

It was only last month that 888 signed the, um, colorful character that is Suarez to its ambassador program, and even then, it appeared to be a shaky bet on the component of the online poker giant; all things considered, this had beenn’t exactly the first, or second, or third (you get the concept) time that Suarez sank his teeth into a really bad idea.

‘888poker finalized Luis Suárez adhering to a fantastic season for which his achievements had been widely recognised,’ said the business in a formally issued declaration. ‘Regrettably, following their actions during Uruguay’s World Cup match against Italy on Tuesday, 888poker has determined to end Luis Suárez to its relationship with instant effect.’

Just in case you inhabit a bubble and haven’t heard the gory details, the FIFA ban and 888 shunning follow a much-p Read More

Wynn Recommends Changes to Massachusetts Gaming Laws

Wynn Recommends Changes to Massachusetts Gaming Laws

Steve Wynn desires Massachusetts to make some gaming law changes (Image: Nancy Lane/Boston Herald)

Steve Wynn still has a battle on his hands regarding finding a casino permit for his casino that is proposed in, but that hasn’t stopped him from commenting on what hawaii needs to do using its current gaming laws. Wynn has suggested changes that are several hawaii’s gaming regulations, including one that would benefit players greatly if it were passed.

Gaming Law 2.0

The suggestions from Wynn came during a stop by at Boston fourteen days ago, whenever a meeting was had by him with lawmakers about sections of the gaming legislation that could be revisited. Perhaps the most pressing one had to do with exactly how gambling winnings were become taxed more specifically, the amounts over which casinos on their own would need to collect income tax before gamblers even left the building.

During the moment, Massachusetts law asks gambling enterprises to force gamblers to pay state tax on any winnings over $600 before they leave the casino. The idea is not unique: most states with casino or racetrack gambling have a threshold over which income tax must immediately be collected, and also Native American-operated casinos usually do so for larger wins.

But the $600 threshold is currently the cheapest into the nation, beating out Iowa’s $1,000 standard and the $5,000 used in other states (the exact same standard the federal gove Read More