Are Good Friends regarding the Opposite-Sex Ok After Marriage?

Are Good Friends regarding the Opposite-Sex Ok After Marriage?

Friendship is a strong supply of joy and support in your lifetime, both same-sex and opposite-sex friendships. Nevertheless, whenever you marry, you can find various perspectives on whether or not those close friendships of this opposite-sex should carry on. Pay attention as Dr. Chris Grace and Dr. Tim Muehlhoff approach this presssing problem from various views. Which region of the problem do you realy end up on?


Chris Grace: Well, welcome to your Art of Relationships podcast. I Am Chris.

Tim Muehlhoff: And I’m Tim.

Chris Grace: right right Here we have been once more with a way to simply see to you through the campus that is beautiful of University-

Tim Muehlhoff: The stunningly campus that is beautiful.

Chris Grace: It’s. It really is awesome. Class in session, it really is great. Tim, we have been speaking the final number of episodes about friendships. There clearly was one subject that individuals have asked large amount of questions regarding. It really is about having friendships, when you’re hitched with both. Needless to say, having a relationship with someone that you have for ages been a close buddy with happens to be often no issue and there are not any issues or problems. Read More